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Agile Tester Amsterdam

€€2500 - €4500

Agile Tester

Agile Tester Vacature  

  • Are you attracted by terms like Agile testing, high-traffic and web based environments?
  • Think you would love to work on a complex platform that is used in over 200 countries and available in 37 languages?
  • Of course you wouldn't do it for the money, but €70.000 a year is pretty nice right ;)?This company is developing a brand new web based platform, that is used by milions of people.


It is the ultimate opportunity to push your Agile testing career to the next level.

You'll be the Agile tester withing a team of front- and backend developers, constantly in contact with the developers and stakeholders. Jira, Cucumber, Fitnesse, Concordion or Specflow, are tools you know inside and out.

You know exactly which changes will generate business value.

The team will be set up from scratch almost. Currently there are a lot of freelancers who are going to be replaced by perm people to keep the knowledge in-house.

Agile is everywhere around you in the office.

 Though this is an established company you will feel a fresh, energetic atmosphere in the office, since the team is set up from scratch. 

 Does this trigger your senses? Get in touch

  • Luke is a really nice guy who goes out of his way for the benefit of his clients. He has done really good work for me in the past in very trying times.

    N C -

  • Very energetic personality, reliable and trustworthy.

    M B -

  • He takes his responsibility very serious and makes the best out of it. He looks to a situation from a perspective to get something good out of it. In the hole time he was providing me his service I always felt like I have been taken with a good care. He recognizes my skills and puts a well deserved title for it and seeks the right people looking for that skill. And he completes the task with great care.

    A P -

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