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This is you: "whatever the project is, you start thinking of how your QA team can automate the testing to the greatest extent possible?"

 Within a couple months do you want to work in the US, China or Dubai? Setting up the QA-team over there? WORK ON FOR EXAMPLE THE QA FOR THE LATEST CALL OF DUTY?

For a company In the Marketing and Advertising Industry you’ll be setting up automated QA tests for web-based projects as well as native applications for all kinds of devices.

The Role

  • As a Test Automation Engineer, you use your extensive knowledge of QA processes and testing-tools to assess and ascertain the workings of websites, platforms, apps, games, campaigns, and a whole lot more fast-paced projects.
  • You aim to perfect the experience for any type of user on any kind of device while keeping the client’s needs and wants in mind.
  • You systematically go over security and usability issues to check the functions of every form and feature, using custom scripts and testing tools.
  • Whatever the project, you start thinking of how the QA team can automate the testing to the greatest extent possible.

This is you

  • You have multiple years experience in setting up automated tests for websites and applications for mobile devices.
  • You excel at creating browser-based tests with Selenium WebDriver and QA’ing everything out of native applications using Appium or similar tools.
  • You’re a pro when it comes to auto-testing registration flows and other forms, in the current build and all versions to come.
  • Writing end-to-end test plans and comprehensive use cases has been a standard feat in your rigorous repertoire, covering everything from general dependencies to specific edge cases.
  • You are experienced in setting up detailed issue reports that allow our teams to quickly proceed with the next version of the build.
  • Websites were your first love, apps your second.
  • Last but not least, you love to follow the latest trends and fads in technology.

Sure, how many companies tell you "yeah this is THE role and this is a 1 of a kind company." A company for example in the finance industry. Yeah right, 1 of a kind... 

But believe it or not, this role at this company is something you will not find anywhere else in the Netherlands. 

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